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About Our Pastor:


Pastor Roderick Williams, Sr., enjoys working in ministry and serving God's people for Kingdom Building. Pastor Williams continues to encourage and edify others by this short slogan, "Whatever You Do, Stay with the Lord." Our pastor has earned secular and religious degrees in various fields of study. His thesis work is entitled "The Role of the Christian Church to the Bereaved and he completed a second written work which consisted of a mini-commentary and curriculum on The Book of Leviticus. Pastor Williams' ministerial training and experience has allowed him to conduct many seminars and workshops on a variety of Christian topics and issues. Pastor Williams has a vision, zeal and concern for God's people. Our Pastor believes in working while it's day, because no man can work when night cometh.


About Our Pastor's Wife:


Mrs. Carrie Williams is wise, kind, and a mild mannered ministry working servant of Jesus Christ. As our pastor's closest companion and helpmate she is a graduate of Alabama State University with (Honors) with a degree in Computer information Systems and minor in accounting. Her Religious training is a compliment to her ministry as well. She has an AA Degree in Bible and a BA Degree in Bible from Great Commission Bible College. She has served in various ministries throughout the church and has facilitated marriage workshops with Pastor Williams on several occasions. We have all heard the saying, "For every good man, there must be a good woman." Pastor and Sister Williams have two children, Shameka Williams and Roderick Williams Jr. As a Church Family, we pray that God will continue to bless our pastor and his family for their labor in the Lord.

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